Jaan Saks | Editor in Chief

Jaan Saks is the Editor in Chief at Sportlyzer Academy. He manages the content and makes sure the latest and most interesting data are brought to the readers. He is currently finishing his Master’s studies in Sports Science at the University of Tartu.

Jaan Saks | Editor in Chief at Sportlyzer Academy
Jaan Saks | Editor in Chief at Sportlyzer Academy.
Name Jaan Saks
Country Estonia
Education Finishing Master’s degree in Sports Sciences at the University of Tartu
Employment Marketing Manager at Sportlyzer and Editor in Chief at the Academy.
Achievements in sports Estonian champion in inline speed skating.
Contact hello [ät] sportlyzer.com
  1. You practice inline speed skating. What are your achievements?
    Yes, I have been skating since I was a little kid. Unfortunately I realized that it was the sport I was really into only when I got 16. I think my best season was 2011 when I got the gold medal in Estonian Sprint Championships. The same summer I went to the Moscow Championships and got the gold medals from there too.
  2. Have you crashed big time on skates?
    Yes, many times. I recently browsed through old pictures and realized that I had crashed in regional championships two years in a row. Luckily nothing serious happened and I could continue racing. I have also had two more serious injuries – once I fell on my wrist and broke it, once on my shoulder and broke my collarbone. It took a few months to recover and here I am again.
  3. What is your biggest motivator – what keeps you going as an athlete?
    I think it is the thrill of competitions. I sometimes feel demotivated to train but when I remember the rush and the adrenaline of my previous sprints, I get back on track.
  4. What is your coach like?
    He (Tiit Idarand) is an enthusiast of speed skating and inline speed skating. Both sports became very popular in Estonia partly thanks to him. In the 1990s there was little knowledge of skating in Estonia. My coach started organizing events, classes and competitions to bring skating to life. Now there are inline skating competitions with more than 1500 participants. All that he did was out of love for skating!
  5. Have you ever thought of becoming a coach?
    Yes. I even started studying Sports Sciences because of that. At the moment I am working as a part-time coach for beginners but I do not have a certain training group yet. Maybe in the future…
  6. Do you practice any other sport?
    I am also into cross-country skiing and cycling which are very important parts of my training program. Additionally, I have discovered water sports – wakeboarding and surfboarding – which I (unfortunately) do not master yet. But I will!
  7. What is your vision of Sportlyzer Academy for the next few years?
    Sportlyzer Academy will grow into a database of knowledge where rowing coaches will come to look for information as their first source. We are working with world-class coaches and researchers, so I am sure we will accomplish this goal.

Jaan Saks

Jaan Saks is the Editor in Chief at Sportlyzer Academy. He is also finishing his Master's degree in Sports Sciences at the University of Tartu.