How to analyze intensity zones at high intensity intervals

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Athletes usually monitor their training intensity according to some intensity model. Probably the most frequently used method is so called time in zone approach. During this approach each heart beat is recorded and saved to appropriate intensity zone. This makes… More

Competition performance

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Tracking competitive performance is probably one of the most important parameter to follow and to track for coaches and athletes, as it has also been called as a golden standard. This is the goal that the athlete trains for and… More

Athletic performance testing

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The more you know about your athlete and about his potential, the more effective preparation for competition can be made. However, knowing about the potential of the athlete requires organized, systematic, reliable and consistent evaluation and recording of the performance… More

Testing battery

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Testing battery refers to the complex of the tests that are performed in short period of time, typically within 1 or 2 days. The advantage of the testing battery in relation to single test is that it gives a more… More

Training diary. General training related data

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Those parameters refer to variables that characterize your workout. How long, intensive, what kind of, …. etc , workout it was.… More

Training diary. Heart rate data

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There are several heart rate related parameters that should be monitored in order to have some information regarding the state of the athlete.… More

Reliability of the performance test

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In genreral, reliability refers to a condition where testing result is stable during several testings excluding the changes in athlete´s performance. It means, if we test the athlete once and then after very short period of time (we expect no… More

Standardization of the performance test

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If the athlete comes to the testing, whatever the test type it is, it must be standardized. Standardization is also a big component in test reliability. Standardization means that you have to exclude or take into accound all possible variables… More

Validity of the performance test

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The validity of the test refers to the standard – how much our test differs from it.… More

Internal validity

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This page has not been created yet. If you would like to become a Wiki contributor, then send us an email to hello [ät] and we’ll continue from there.… More