Xeno Müller | Rowing Technique Analyst

Xeno Müller is an Olympic gold medallist rower with remarkable technique, now sharing his secrets with the rowing community. After his professional career as an athlete, he aims to help others achieve their dreams in rowing by in-depth technical analysis.

Xeno Müller - Rowing Technique Analyst
Xeno Müller | Rowing Technique Analyst at Sportlyzer Academy
Name Xeno Müller
Country Switzerland
Education BA International Relations, Brown University
Employment Rowing consultant and rowing coach at xenocoach.com. Also helping athletes and rowing coaches via Sportlyzer Academy.
Achievements in sports Gold and silver medals from 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games.
Contact xeno [ät] xenocoach.com
  1. How did you become a rowing coach?
    I wanted to work in a field that I feel passionate about. I was coached by some of the best coaches rowing has to offer. Helping rowers and coaches comes naturally to me. I enjoy analyzing technique and writing personal training programs.
  2. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you as a coach?
    Once on holiday, as I was playing with my children, another father, a stranger to me, approached me and asked in friendly manner whether I was “Xeno”. That was the first time that I randomly, faraway from a rowing regatta, met someone who had purchased one of my digital courses.
  3. What is the most common mistake novice coaches make?
    In no particular order, not seeing that most rowers mix up parts of the rowing stroke, creating a weaker acceleration, a rushed recovery, a blade that is rowed in at the catch, and sloppy finish. All these technical issues can be clearly explained, drilled with specific exercises and corrected easily.
  4. What’s your most painful yet valuable lesson as a coach?
    I have not had a painful experience yet, the most valuable experience is that always be positive in your coaching. Coach with the glass ALWAYS being half full! 🙂
  5. What’s your most frequent coaching phrase?
    Hang from the skeleton and push the footboard away from you.
  6. What is your biggest motivator – what keeps you going as a coach?
    Working with a growing international pool of rowers and coaches who have limitless motivation to succeed.
  7. What will be the biggest changes in the development of rowing in the near future?
    How we can digitally “be” with rowers and coaches. The quality of footage and simplicity of sharing high definition is awesome and will get even better.
  8. How much do you exercise yourself currently? What sports?
    I row, kettle bells, walk with my wife. Soon I will cycle again.
  9. What is the reason you contribute to Sportlyzer Academy?
    To further bring rowing into the digital age. It will globalize the sport further and give better opportunity for rowers and coaches to succeed.

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