The best training planning and analysis practices for rowing

Anaerobic power in rowing

Based on various researches, anaerobic power contributes to 13-33% of the total power output on 2000 m rowing race, having a significant influence on the outcome of the race. Different methods can be used to measure anaerobic power, some of… More

Development of anthropometric profile

Rowing is a sport where anthropometric parameters are highly correlated to performance. Our Chief Sports Scientist, Jarek Mäestu, has compiled an overview of how an anthropometric profile of an athlete is changing in time. The development of anthropometric profile from… More

Body-build of lightweight rowers

Although lightweight rowers can be considered as “small” heavyweight rowers, in reality their respective sports are two different disciplines. Lightweight rowers rely on their ideal body composition and perfect technique, while heavyweights on the other hand are characterized more by… More

Reet Palm

Youth coach at Pärnu Kalev Rowing Club

I didn’t expect that kids get so excited about sharing and comparing their workouts with others. Sportlyzer helped us quit our paper diaries and this saves me a lot of time. Now I can have full analysis of every athlete’s training in a couple of clicks.

Elar Jaakson

Youth coach at Pärnu Rowing Club

I am fond of periodization because otherwise it would be difficult to monitor in which cycle each athlete currently is. Sportlyzer is useful when using different training methods (traditional, block system, etc.) as it reminds which cycle is over and which is just starting.