In sport setting motivation is defined in terms of goals-related efficacy. Early theories described motivation in terms of quantitative entity as a function of the energy and effort directed towards the specific behavior. (more…)

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Achievement Goal Theory

Achievement goals are competence-based aims that individuals target in evaluative settings, i.e. in sport. Originally, two distinctive achievement goals were identified based on the definition of personal competence: task and ego goals (Nicholls 1984; Nicholls 1989) or, in other words, mastery and performance goals (Dweck 1986; Dweck & Leggett 1988). (more…)

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Mental skills training in sport

The objective of mental training is to assist sport participants in the development of mental skills to achieve performance success and personal well-being. A model of mental skills for athletes and coaches includes four basic types of mental skills in sport (Vealey, 1988): (more…)

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