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Those parameters refer to variables that characterize your workout. How long, intensive, what kind of, …. etc , workout it was.

Remember to be consistent with the used parameters. If you use km to track your endurance training volume, then you must enter  the distance to every endurance workout, because it is difficult to compare 20 km running with 115 min running or to add a 115 min running to 20 km running to have the cumulative volume of running.

  • Name of the workout (running, joggin, cycling)
  • The type of the workout (continuous, interval, strength, speed, … etc.)
  • Parameters that characterize the volume of training. How long was the workout (min, hours, kilometers, kg, watts… etc)?
  • Parameters that characterize the intensity of workout
    • Objective parameters (heart rate monitors, powermeters, speed, calories…)
    • Subjective parametes (Effort perception, subjective intensity – easy, hard..).
  • Training zone intensity distribution.