Self-assessment of overtraining

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Overtraining should be diagnosed with parameters that are easy and inexpensive to use and which will not disturb the training process.

Unfortunately, a valid parameter that can help coaches and athletes to control training is difficult to find. Moreover, an individual response is very different; therefore athletes should be monitored continuously and analyzed individually. Much of this can be done by athletes themselves during everyday training.

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  1. Hello Jarek,
    As a surgeon physiologist I enjoy your site very much. recently you posted a link to Xeno Muller’s 1996 gold medal single scull. The version you posted has the sports announcer’s version for the entire race. Can you kindly send me the link. I am using it for teaching purposes.

    Thank you

  2. Jaan Saks


    Hi Giancarlo,

    We are glad that you are enjoying the articles on Rowing Academy!
    Is this the video that you are looking for?