Microcycle between the competitions

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Many disciplines, suring the competition period face the situation that a competition takes place several  weekends in a row. Those periods are quite demanding for athlete and therfore the microcycle must be planned properly.

Usually after the competition recovery is needed. The length and the type of the recovery depends on the load that the competition had. For example, recovery needed after 15 km crosscountry race is somewhat different than after 15+15 skiatlon race.  Nevertheless, one or two days after the competition must be focused on recovery. It is now the coaches experience to decide how many days the athlete needs for unloadingbefore the next competition, leaving the only time available higher load trainings to the middle of the week, or in case atlete feels fatigued, one must seriously concider wheather any high load trainings can be done during this microcycle.


Between competition microcycle


Figure. Two examples of the microcycle between the competitions (Sundays). The lower panel represents the microcycle with more focus on the recovery after the first competition and only one higher load training is planned (Thursday).


Reference: Bompa T. Periodization. Theory and methodology of training. Human Kinetics, Chicago, IL. 1999.